Writing Flash

Whether fiction or non flash writing can be a juicy sweet spot between poetry and prose. Using the same literary devices that poetry does, flash adds surprising brevity and punch. Go to this page for resources and writing inspiration.


Words of wisdom, videos, art, all things inspirational and beautiful.

Creative Play 4 U Book

This page will be about the CP4U Book and project



Help When You Need It!

Computers and technology - so useful in helping us create. I worked as a secretary admin at Northern Arizona University while I took the long route through university. The computer and teaching skills I learned came in handy as I began helping others to use technology. Over the years I made website with everything from free Angelfire software, Dreamweaver, built-in site builders, and then in 2013 I found WordPress and have never looked back. I've created more than 3 dozen WP websites for clients, friends and family.

ComputerTutor4U explains more about the technology tutoring services I offer.

EZWordPress4U will help you understand more about WordPress and gives instructions in how to set up your own WP website.

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