Wahoo 2020

February 2nd

2019 was one of Those Years! Looking back there were Major Life Changes. It all began Dec. 23, 2018 when I broke my wrist and had surgery at the Trail, BC hospital. Thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan. (really) Paid for all the out of country expenses except a minimal deductible. Then 6 weeks to the day of the surgery I flew off to Mexico. Fell in love with Todos Santos and bracketed my trip to Sacred Valley of Peru by going back to the Baja. In Peru I supported Robin and Darcy, visionaryhearts.com by watching Kinti during days we didn't participate in their third Sacred Valley Pilgramage 2019. Lots of great pictures from another awesome visit.

Back in the States and Nelson, BC it became apparent that I no longer wanted to manage renting my home, Casa de Sol in Sandpoint nor the AirBnB that was so successful in Studio Luna. With my wonderful realtor Jennifer Ivy's help it sold after the first open house. It freaked me out a little not to have a place to sleep in Idaho. So my friend Kristina said I could always have a room with her. And I bought Coco Chinook. There is a whole saga to Coco, but I'll save that for another day. Let's just say that she is now ready to rock and roll. Which we are going to do come February 29th! Lindy's Winter 2020 Road Trip.

Collage Magic & Flash Writing Along the Way

One of the other Big Changes in 2019 was to retire (again) from computer tutoring, websites and overcompensating volunteerism back towards art, creativity and soul. It took several months to complete projects to the point where I could release and let go. It took several months to get Coco ready for a trip. Patience and persistence. Although to be honest it has been more, "What needs to be done today?"

Robin, Darcy and Kinti left Jan. 23rd for their big trip south and more time opened up to contemplate and plot. What Adventure could I cook up for myself. A trip to Flagstaff and the Southwest seems perfect. Go down the coast and see sun and all my favorite beaches, coffee shops and old friends! But without a bit of a purpose Solo Gypsying seems - well solo. Ahha - solution. Offer Collage Magic and Flash Writing along the way to benefit whatever retreat, art or writing center or friend who wants to host me.

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I was eight when my first poem was published (local paper, Gahanna, Ohio). Poetry and morning pages sustained me through the years, along with workshops at Ghost Ranch, Poetic Medicine with John Fox in San Francisco, memoir at Oxygen Art. A couple of years ago I took a Flash writing class - ignited - fell in love with the form!

With an MA in Transformative Art from JFK University, Berkeley, CA, I’ve taught seniors to six year olds, and everything from high school art to elementary computer lab, writing Flash to making artists books, WordPress websites to SoulCollage®. Currently I am teaching an Intro. to Flash Writing for the Learning in Retirement Group at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC. Balancing this I am offering an Intro. to Website also.

Please contact Lindy at lindyflynn2020@gmail.com. We will have a registration form up shortly. Much love and excitement, L

Writing Flash

Whether fiction or non flash writing can be a juicy sweet spot between poetry and prose. Using the same literary devices that poetry does, flash adds surprising brevity and punch. Go to this page for resources and writing inspiration.


Words of wisdom, videos, art, all things inspirational and beautiful.

Transformative Art and Play

The book has now been resurrected from the flames of computer theft. Thank Goodness I had a hard copy of this little artist book I created 7 years ago. Now the time has come for me to do the creative processes in this book. See how transformative they are!

Soon I will have pictures and more info.