Change Your Life Today!

I’m not really a winter person. So when my family  took off for two months to Tucson, AZ, Costa Rica and then the Sacred Valley in Peru – And invited me to go along, WHY did I choose to stay in the beautiful albeit snowy, slippery, slushy, squishy (ok you get it) frozen North? Nelson BC is a mecca for skiers, snowboarders and spiritual seekers. Once I loved downhill skiing, adored it. But my knees aren’t up to it anymore. Not up to walking on ice either. And there has been 2’ to 4’ of snow in my backyard since the first of the year. Dumps, meaning serious snow shoveling, have come once or twice a week. So Why Not go away immediately? with my beloved family?

Space and some quiet time to contemplate. Time to revamp my Life one more time. Space to turn my direction away from computer tutoring, websites and overcompensating volunteerism back towards art, creativity and soul.

You’ve been patient. I said Change Your Life Today! So how? Will you be ticked at me if I say Change Your Attitude. Don’t care. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. Have an attitude of gratitude – sorry it sounds so hokey – but it is So True. But let me explain a bit.

I don’t know what you want to Change in your life. And I don’t know if the circumstances in your life can change. But I absolutely Know that you can impact Everything by changing your attitude. Why the Heck am I writing this blog when there have been hundreds of books, articles, blogs, etc. written by famous authors, teachers, and more experienced bloggers than I? Well they say we teach what we most want to learn. This is it.  And I’m having such great insights these days I just want to share.

The only moment we have is the present, today, this moment. We can’t change the past. We really can’t predict the future. So what have we got? The Present. You can’t be happy in the future or the past. Maybe there are visualizations that may impact you in time. Intentions can set the stage for the future. Forgiveness exercises can work with the past (usually ending with forgiving ourselves for being human). We can work within our timeline. But Pausing and Savoring the Moment, allowing the Juice, Joy, Miracle of Being Alive in the present, can only happen in the Present. It’s a Present!

Appreciate what is here: yourself, the beauty that surrounds you (even if it is mud), the fact that you can breathe. Love yourself and all other beings and things that please you. If it is a really tough day appreciate the challenges you have right now for they are one way we grow – stronger, more resilient, wiser. Pausing to savor the moment will change you life.

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