Don’t Believe Everything You Think!

DontBelieveEverythingYouThinkEvery time I see that bumper sticker I find myself pausing, smiling and going Yes!

Back in 1988 I ran across a book called “The Three Minute Meditator.” Life was super busy, Robin was 6. I was starting a new job and plotting a move to some property in the country. Undeveloped is a nice word for no-running-anything. It didn’t feel like I had time to breathe much less meditate. This book taught me that I could stop – stop the mind movie, focus on how my body felt or my breathe or just what was around me. Ahha…. All at a stop light.

Many many books, workshops, experiences brought me along. “The Power of Now” was the next really BIG one that disconnected mind from thought. Eckhart Tolle expanded my thoughts about thoughts and gave me a Huge gift with the concept of pain body. (But that’s another post….).

But “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer was the crème de la crème. My copy is festooned with underlines and highlights in 6 or 7 colors. Every time I read it I find another treasure.The following parsed quote from Michael’s book was the AHHA for me about thinking.

“The first you will notice about this your voice (in your head) is that it never shuts up. You do hear it when it talks, don’t you? Make it say “hello” right now. Say it over and over a few times.” (IMPORTANT HERE:) There is a voice talking, and there is you who notices the voice talking… But it’s difficult to see that no matter what the voice says, it is still just a voice talking AND YOU LISTENING. There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are not the voice of the mind – you are the one who hears it.”

My life really started to change when I “got” it. First there was the concept of just because I thought something – that didn’t make it true or real or anything. It was just something that I thought for some reason or other – programming, culture, parents, school, a belief I use to like but maybe have outgrown, or perhaps a new idea that I’m intrigued with.

Then after I realized that maybe all of my thoughts weren’t true – nor the emotions the thoughts caused I ran across Byron Katie. She came to Flagstaff, Arizona years ago… What a treat to see her in person. And she has The WorkWhich is a grand way to deconstruct a thought. Give it a try. Especially when you are just Positive that somebody is wrong, behaving badly, or just plain out to get you.

IT’S JUST A PRACTICE. Life is a practice. Life is Play! We are here to learn and grow and Love. So I have to remind myself not to take my thoughts too seriously, or my thoughts about my thoughts, or my “work” around my thoughts, (goes on…..). But it is nice to practice “Not Believing Everything I Think….”.



MoreBeautifulWorldHuge! Hope has been a huge gift to me. My daughter has been giving me hope her whole life. Friends, books, workshops, speakers, churches, art classes-projects-processes, NATURE, scenery, Drives (guilty pleasure – one of many). Many things have given me hope over the years. Now my son-in-law and granddaughter, the cohousing community in BC I get to spend time at, my little studio in Sandpoint, my cats, my LIFE give me great hope.

Hope is the gift I’d like to give to you today! One thing I know for sure – thanks Oprah – is that LIFE IS GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY! Despite the media – which I stay as far away from as possible – avoiding even Yahoo on the way into some of my emails – My Life and the Life of most of the people I know is getting better every day. In measurable ways! More connection to other people, more willingness to step out a bit and meet folks, more bravery to have a little fun.

Many years ago I read a book by Willis Harman “Global Mind Change.” First published in 1988, it was the first time I ever read that a change of consciousness had the potential, in fact it was the only potential that could really change the world. It was the first book that articulated for me the limit that science has to solving all the problems – especially those caused (aren’t they all) by human emotions. Just being human.

Twenty seven years later and OMG Willis would be So Thrilled with “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible” by Charles Eisenstein. He takes the expansion of human consciousness and heart and weaves them with great kindness into a story that we can believe in. The story has many paradoxes, isn’t painted out in detail, has lots of potential for co-creation. The disasters, grief and challenges of planet Earth and her peoples are not ignored. In fact they are everywhere. But the how and what to do and how to be to make it all better; to know it is already all better, are in the book also.

TRUST that there is a loving universe behind the holographic chaos (my words not his) and have great HOPE that every day in every way – it is all Beautiful.

Love Light and La;-)ghter

Lindy & Kinti SquareReally? a post the same name as my posts page, a Posts Page that isn't Blog?

I'm almost 65, I don't know WTF anymore. In my generation we looked for a book, took a class, found an expert - somebody Anybody out there that could tell us How To Do It so that we did it Right.

So more than anything this is an experiment. I've been wanting to write forever. Probably since I had my first poem published in the local newspaper at 8. (Of course I have a copy of the paper somewhere). And I have poetry and websites (see links above). I long to put it together. I long to have it make a difference. But more than anything it is so much FUN! (And gives me the opportunity to procrastinate freezing the peaches).

Today is the first of September 2015. Such a good day to begin anew. Wayne Dyer passed away within the last couple of days and I found out today. Somehow that is significant of the times. I dug and found Heather Blakey, A writer, teacher, techie who has been my heroine for years. Her Descansos on Soul Food Cafe is a writing prompt having to do with the liminal moments in our life, the deaths and ways not taken. That is curious and interesting because I'm planning on taking Liminal Life Writing with Rayya Liebich at the end of October. It feels like I'm pulling the threads together.

I'm back on my Food Protocol Cleanse and at the weight I was when I paused on July 29 (after bad flu). Isn't that cool? This is significant for me because it is a completely new approach to losing weight, eating, life. And It's working! More on this soon but I will say that I'm taking herbal drops that make it very easy. I've lost 26 lbs so far and my goal is to lose that much more this round. Wonderful thing (besides not being hungry or depleted) is that in between rounds I'm learning what my body actually likes to eat and what makes it bloat up like a water balloon (alcohol).

I'm reading a book called "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible" See this is why I have to do this online, in WP. My life - like everyone else's is So post post modern. Interconnected - woven - RICH - crazy - busy - going down the stream FAST. Let's Celebrate!

What if we could Trust? That it is all OK. That there is a Kind, Loving Universe out there. That I can write, that I have something to say that will pour out of me if I just find the right venue. So I've decided that this multi-media platform that allows me to link to my Pinterest, and favorites is the way to go!  Can add my favorites! And report that at the end of day "Everyone is doing the Best they can!" as Christie Marie Sheldon  says.

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