Two Years Five Months Ago….

The last time I updated this website was two years and five months ago. We all know what happened in between now and then. It is exceedingly painful to look back on that website. The robins may have abandoned their nest because of the thunderstorms last night. Storms for days. But the hummingbirds are still going at the feeder in the plum tree. See I diverted from the pain to something less painful. The robins loss.

So much loss and website blogs aren’t even the way to communicate anymore. But this website was out there and I want a place to plug in often and talk. Plus I’m kindof wondering if I can still remember how to work on a WP website.

We were out of the country when the shit hit the fan. Yes some of my generation still do use that phrase, obviously. And Boy Did It HIT and stick. I was in the States, in Coos Bay Oregon. Waiting for a new master cylinder – which Coco (my 1977 Chevy Chinook pictured in Gallery) may not really have needed. Am selling her now – hopefully, a long process. But then I was sitting in the brewery in Coos Bay eating fried oysters at night as people started wearing masks and freaking out.

It becomes apparent that I need to write – ad naseum – about the last two and a half years – but not here not now. Today I want to write a piece about Cherishing Life. But needed to write something that was a slight bridge between the years.

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