We Will Make It Through Together

Front page or Blog?

Dear Ones, What a time we are living! A Weird Odyssey we began calling it when my family was stuck in Peru and I was away from home also. Still seems appropriate.

I believe that I am an eternal spirit that chose to come to Earth, beautiful Gaia. This is the time I came for. Maximum potential for expansion, an opportunity to help, an opportunity to expand my connection to the Divine and to All Beings. I'm tired it has already been a bit of a long haul. Reintegrating into family mode - YES Robin, Darcy and Kinti are home. Kinti comes down for breakfast. We are attempting to create a schedule so that each adult has a bit of time to do their work, take care of themselves and that we all get to play with Kinti.

I find that I must share the deep thoughts and inspirations that are coming my way. I'm not a consistent blogger which is why I'll add this to a new front page for my website.



The Coronation - Charles Eisenstein

Brilliant and inspiring, thought provoking and scary. A long read but be sure you make it to the end. The last 10% ask us to get excited and motivated about what is the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. If you'd like to read on Charles's site, The Coronation - by Charles Eisenstein.

Or if you would like to download from here

Download (PDF, 235KB)

Gene Keys - Richard Rudd

videos etc from R

Hopi Message - maybe

This message may end up getting debunked. I don't care I love it. Anybody that tells me to not feel guilty for being happy... And it is a time to balance the social and spiritual.

Download (PDF, 41KB)