Week 3

OK maybe that is embellishing it a bit. Find a piece of your flash writing that still has juice for you, energy, some seduction, draw. Type it up and get your word count. Google docs or any of the office software will assist you with that. If it is a long piece to start with, 750-1000 words, begin editing down. You might actually find that you have to alter it up, add words, dialog, "perhapsing" to create a piece that is that long. Then cut it down to approximately 500 words. Then down some more to between 300 and 100 words. Save your favorite version of each length of the same piece so that you bring to class a printed copy of all three. These can be on the same document or separate, your choice. Please double space your work, have your title, name and date at the top. (If you find that the pieces have a different names that is OK too.)

Picturing the Hybrid Form

Picturing the Hybrid Form

Rebecca Fish Ewan's craft essay on creating a drawing and memoir hybrid form in her new book, By the Forces of Gravity.

The Thrill of Narrative Incompleteness

Review of Wisconsin Death Trip by Michael Lesy with photos and non related text from Black River Falls, Wisconsin, shows an average town for the time, from 1890 to 1910. A "a cult favorite, it is an example of hybrid nonfiction narrative about more than an era and its people in Black River Falls."

How Writers Map Their Imaginary Worlds

And one we didn't get to that I found fascinating being an old fantasy and sci-fi aficionado.